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Wireless Resident Monitoring System in Continental Care Center – Seymour Iowa

November 10, 2011

To maximize resident freedom and minimize risk, we installed a comprehensive and complex resident monitoring system which aides in increasing resident independence, improving quality of life, and improving quality of care. Staff pagers alert the staff if a resident attempts to leave through a non-secured exit. The computer monitor that goes along with the system identifies and shows the exact location of a call for help along with the date and time. We can monitor the time a call light is activated to the time it is answered. Our answering times are typically in 5 minutes.

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One Comment
  1. This seems like a really good system to have installed. We are researching some similar options for our retirement community in Florida, but it is a little more complex since we have 100 separate mobile homes to keep track of over a much larger area. We basically need something that will aide our residents in informing medical services of an emergency, but it may very well come down to each person installing their own system, rather than something that is linked back to the main office.

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